How it works


What is Research House?

Research House is a platform that helps bridge the gap between researchers and companies.

How it works

Research House will help you find it.


How does it work?


Research House will help you start a partnership.


Which kind of research does Research House fund?


Research House is dedicated to financing any field of research, at any stage of development. But for its initial launching phase, we have decided to focus on a specific field of research that is sorely lacking funding, despite the recent enthusiasm for its applications: the Blockchain.

In the second phase of its development, Research House will open to other fields of research.


Are my ideas safe?


There are two categories of information about your project that you can download on Research House :


  • Public information that will be viewed by companies and other interested visitors (peers, students, journalists…)
  • Private information, that will only be viewed by our mixed panel of evaluators. Our evaluators have all signed binding Confidentiality Agreements, which will prevent them from using or sharing the information you post on your profile.


How much does it cost?