About Us

Innovation has become a crucial strategical component for companies, as they are facing increasing disruption risks in rapidly changing environments. Given the increasing cost and complexity of research, companies cannot carry it out alone anymore, and therefore need partners.

In the meantime, European countries public spending for research projects has stagnated, even decreased in some countries, which has made it more and more difficult for researchers to fund their research, especially those holding risky while innovative projects.

These two facts put together made us wonder. What if researchers had access to a collaborative platform to initiate their own research projects, without having to go through the traditional / time consuming / low odds public funding selection process? What if companies had access to a business oriented catalogue of disruptive research projects in search of funding?  In other words, what if we applied the model of crowdfunding platforms to fund research in an innovative way?


This is how the Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) and the start-up U came with the Research.House project and decided to join forces to develop and operate the platform.


The ILB is a partnership research network in economics and finance that hosts 47 research programs in which 350 researchers cooperate. Fundamental and applied research are structured in 4 themes,  corresponding to the major transitions affecting society today: Banking and Financial Transition, Demographic Transition, Energy Transition, Digital Transition.

The ILB was created in 2009 under the initiative of the Directorate General of the Treasury and the Caisse des Dépôts.

U is a start-up that aims at accelerating the digital transformation of large organizations by combining innovative consulting teams (U change), a strong link with research (U research) and the establishment of hybrid internal ecosystems / startups (U connect).

Founded in September 2015 by Guillaume Buffet and Denis Dubois, U has been successfully supporting a large number of CAC 40 companies or major European players ever since.


Through Research.House, the ILB and U wish to stimulate and decentralize collective intelligence.


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